Locate a suitable metal surface to mount the magnetic unit. We recommend using the hood or firewall toward the rear of the engine as it is where rodents most often travel inside the engine bay.

If you have a top terminal battery, attach the red alligator clip to a convenient location on the positive terminal of the battery, usually the clamping bolt. For side mount terminal batteries you can connect directly to the hex head bolt. Do not remove the boots, they are there as a safety precaution.

Connect the black alligator clip to any convenient ground, such as the battery, or any other location that is a solid ground point.

Using the supplied plastic ties, secure the cable and any excess cable to an existing wire harness or other suitable location. Be careful to route the wires away from the exhaust manifold or other hot locations in the engine compartment, and check to make sure that the cable won't be pinched as the hood is closed.

Check to insure that the unit is blinking at a 1 to 2 second rate.  If not blinking, check the power connections.