Welcome to Rid A Rat – Your Ultimate Rodent Solution!

At Rid A Rat, we've got you covered for all your rodent woes! Our cutting-edge Rid A Rats are specially designed to protect your cars, trucks, RVs, BBQs, and virtually anything with wiring that rodents find irresistible.

  • Crafted with Care in Cave Creek, AZ:
    Every Rid A Rat unit is meticulously handcrafted in our shop in Cave Creek, AZ. We take pride in using supplies sourced from American companies to ensure the highest quality while supporting local businesses.
  • Innovative Technology to Safeguard Your Investments:
    Rid A Rats employ high-powered LEDs that strobe, disorienting rodents and triggering their fight-or-flight instincts – a predator-inspired approach to rodent deterrence.
  • Versatile Rodent Deterrence:
    Rid A Rats aren't just for rats! They effectively deter a range of rodents, from mice and squirrels to any unwanted guests.
  • Trusted Durability:
    Unlike the rest, our units are rigorously tested at every stage and epoxy-potted for durability against heat, cold, and water exposure.
  • Comprehensive Solutions for Peace of Mind:
    For most customers, Rid A Rats offer the perfect solution. However, if you're looking for extra protection, explore our tips and tricks page for additional insights.

    On behalf of the entire Rid A Rat team, thank you for considering us!

Explore our Products

Choose from our three versatile units, each tailored to different situations:

  • RC-4: Battery-powered with a remarkable 6+ month runtime on just 2 AA batteries. Easy installation with two strong magnets for any metal surface.
  • RC-2: Directly connects to your car battery (12v and 24v) with a 6-foot lead wire and heavy-duty alligator clips. Auto-disconnect feature to preserve your battery. Secure mounting with a strong magnet and provided zip ties.
  • RC-2B: Similar to RC-2 but equipped with a 6 AA battery pack. Ideal for hard-to-reach spots. Mounting is a breeze with a high-powered magnet, zip ties, and straps for the battery pack.



  • Far and away the best solution to pack rat problems

    This is the only product I have found that works continuously and requires no more effort after its initial installation. -Angry Dad

  • Best Deterrent for pack rats under the hood

    We live in Tucson and there are many pack rats. We use this flasher under our hoods and we also leave the hoods open overnight. -Amazon Customer

  • They Are Out Of Here!

    I am so happy with this product. So far so good. -Susan G.